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Botox-treatment of axillary hyperhydrosis

Botox-treatment of axillary hyperhydrosis

The development of axillary hyperhydrosis
The evaporation of the sweat produced by the sweat glands draws off heat from the body so it takes part in the thermoregulation. We talk about hyperhydrosis if it occurs in normal environmental temperature and in rest. It can occur in the case of obesity, diabetes, hyperthyroidism, climax. It is most common in teenagers and in young adults when there is no any kind of disease in the background. Its intensity decreases with ageing. It is extremely embarrassing in the everydays. The people with axillary hyperhydrosis are retractable and it causes confusion in their social relationship. Sometimes it leads to repeated mycotic infections.



In the case of axillary hyperhydrosis the botox treatment is the only long lasting solution
The botulinum toxin acts by the inhibition of the nerves that stimulate the sweat glands.

In our private practice we treat the axillary hyperhydrosis with botox treatment
I wait you with my 16 years experience

Would the botox treatment be useful for me? You should ask the following questions!

  • The sweating is never conspicuous, it does not disturb my everdays activity
  • The sweating is tolerable, it sometimes influences my everdays activity
  • The sweating is hardly tolerable, it often influences my everdays activity
  • The sweating is not tolerable, it always influences my everdays activity

When in your case the 3. or 4. answer is true your axillary hyperhydrosis is greatly reduced by the botox treatment

What are the advantages of the botox treatment in the case of axillary hyperhydrosis?

  • Its effect is long lasting
  • It is a simple, quick, almost painless injection
  • The side effects are rare and mild, they disappear quickly
  • The sweating will reduce for normal level in a couple of days
  • The degradation of botulinum toxin is without any harmful effect and it is complete
  • The repeated treatments are safe based on the experience of millions of botox treatment
  • The increase of life quality: carelessness in the everydays life, you have not to hide the sweat spots

How do we make the botox treatment of axillary hyperhydrosis?
First with iodine test we designate the real place of the sweat glands. Depending on the intensity of the iodine test we inject 1 or 2 bottles botulinum toxin in the two axillas with 15-20 punctures in each side into the dermis about 1,5 cm apart.

You have to do the followings after the botox treatment of axillary hyperhydrosis
After the treatment you can do your work immediately. You have to avoid the rubbing of treated area for a day. On the place of the puncture may develop swelling, hyperemia, slight pain, pressure sensitivity. You can rarely feel the weakness of the arms.

How long is the effect of botox treatment in the case of axillary hyperhydrosis?
The improvement begins in a couple of days and it lasts for 4-7 month, sometimes it can last for 10-12 months. Because of the degradation of botulinum toxin the nerves can repeatedly stimulate the sweat glands. Than it is necessary to repeat the treatment. In the case of repeated botox treatment the effect will be longer.

In some cases the botox treatment of axillary hyperhydrosis is contraindicated
Allergy to botulinum toxin or serum albumin, pregnancy, under 18 years, after 65 years.

Visit: 33 000 HUF

Treatment: 1 bottle: 105 000 HUF, 2 bottles: 160 000 HUF