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MINT™ vector lift treatment

MINT™ vector lift treatment

The MINT™ vector lift treatment is the more effective variant of the classical COG therad lifting treatment. The MINT™ vector lift treatment is the only FDA approved thread lift treatment because of the outstanding quality, physical property, safety and detailed efficiency. The MINT™ thread is a barbed thread which is produced by a patented molding press technology. Instead of the COG barbs, MINT™ threads have molded barbs arranged in a helical configuration on the surface of the thread. The size of the barbs are double of COG barbs. The MINT™ threads has 4fold tensile strength then the COG threads. Because of these properties it has stronger lifting effect, elicites stronger collagen production and its brakedown is slower. It not substitutes the plastic surgery, it not ceases the deep wrinkles but you can avoid the load and the risk of the lifting plastic surgery lifting operation. We recommend this treatment for the woman and man between 40-60 years who seek an effective but not surgical method for the rejuvenation of their face. We recommend for those people too who want to prevent the sign of ageing.

The MINT™ vector lift treatment has several advantages for you

  • Long lasting effect: 1-1,5 years
  • It is safe and effective on the face, on the neck
  • Its effect is immediate but the final result can be seen in 6 months
  • It is simple, quick, and almost painless, you can work on the next day
  • There is no incision, suture, scar, it can be done in the summer months
  • The material of threads are used in surgery for a long time so there is no unknown effect
  • The threads can not be seen during and after the treatment, the risk of complications is minimal
  • It can be combined with other rejuvenation methods: botox treatment, fractional carbon dioxide laser treatment, filling with hyaluronic acid

It can be done in the following areas
Lifting the jowl lines, Marionette lines, tightens the underneath of the chin, tightens the neck.

The mode of action of the MINT™ vector lift treatment
The MINT™ vector lift treatment has an immediate and a long time (6 months) effect. The immediate effect is its lifting effect as the barbs clings to the dermis and stabilize the lifting. The blood flow and the collagen production in the dermis increases, meanwhile the threads absorb. The new collagen bundles increase the volume and the tension of the treated area. The new collagen bundles pull the skin into the right and original position so the wrinkles disappear and the face contour will be youthful.

How do we use the MINT™ threads?
We start the treatment with the drawing the vectors, the following step is the anesthesia of the entry point of the needle then we lead the threads with needle into the dermis. After the withdrawal of the needle the threads remain in the dermis. The treatment time is between 30-40 minutes depending on the number of the threads.

You have to do the followings after the MINT™ vector lift treatment

  • Drug intake in the case if herpes labialis
  • In the case of pain you have to take paracetamol
  • On the treatment day you have to relax and you have to cool the treated area and you have to sleep on your back
  • On the next day you can clean the face first, and you can use make up from this time
  • You have to avoid sun exposure, solarium, sauna, and exercise to the passing of the swelling
  • You have to avoid the hot and spicy foods, the intake of aspirin, vitamin C and E for a week
  • You have to gently clean the area, you have not to open too large of your mouth, chewing gum for two weeks
  • You have to avoid any kind of cosmetic and dental treatment for two weeks

When and what can you expect after the MINT™ vector lift treatment?
It has an immediate and a long term (6 months) effects which are influenced by the number of the threads and the looseness of the skin. The immediate effect is the tightness of the skin and the improvemeved face contour and you can see the lifting of the jaw line immediately.

Inconveniences with the MINT™ vector lift treatment
Spontaneously disappearing mild pain, sometimes you can feel the threads, asymmetry that needs for correction, swelling, redness, bruising for a couple of days. They are rare and they can easily be treated. They occur more frequently if you take aspirin and in the case of smoking.

In some cases the MINT™ vector lift treatment is contraindicated
Unreal patient expectations, heavily damaged skin in the case of long term sun exposure or solarium use, smoking, problems in the case of former Fine Thread Contour treatment, bacterial or viral inflammation, in the case of keloid tendency, anticoagulant therapy, mental disorder, pregnancy.

Consultation: 33 000 HUF

MINT™ thread: 35 000 HUF/piece