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Coagulation of teleangiectatic vessels

Coagulation of teleangiectatic vessels

Clinical signs
Teleangiectatic vessels can happen in childhood but they usually appear after the age of 40. The spider vein is the most frequent form in childhood. The central part is a red papule and small vessels branch out from the centrum. In the adulthood they can be seen most frequently on the nose, on the zygoma. It is influenced by the age, genetic factors, the sunbathing, the solarium use, the long lasting local use of steroid creme. It is part of some skin disease, the most important and frequent among them is the rosacea.

The only reason for the treatment is esthetic so it needs your decision. The teleangiectatic vessels on the face can be treated by different kind of lasers or electrocauter.

We do the removal of teleangiectatic vessels on the face with carbon dioxide laser coagulation
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The mode of action of carbon dioxide laser in the treatment of teleangiectatic vessels
The light of the carbon dioxide laser is absorbed in water that is found in the vessels too. In the case of teleangiectatic vessels the carbon dioxide laser coagulates the vessels and in the next 6 weeks the body will resorb the closed vessels.

The carbon dioxide laser coagulation of teleangiectatic vessels has several advantages for the patient and the physician too

  • It is absorbed in 0,1 mm depth in the skin so its effect can be controlled with great accuracy.
  • The treatment is quick so the burden for you is minimal.
  • You can very rarely feel pain after the treatment.
  • The wound heals quickly and with cosmetically good results.
  • You can use only a cream after the treatment, bandage is not necessary.

How is made the treatment of teleangiectatic vessels by carbon dioxide laser?
The coagulation by carbon dioxide laser can be done with local anesthetic cream except in the case when there are only small numbers of teleangiectatic vessel. The time of the treatment is between 5-15 minutes depending on the number of the vessel.

You have to do the followings after the carbon dioxide laser coagulation of teleangiectatic vessels
After the treatment the red vessel turn to white and the surrounding skin will be red and edematous. You have to use a cream for about 7 days. Sunscreen using with at least 30 SPF for at least 3 months to prevent the brown discoloration is mandatory. You have to keep off from direct sunbathing and especially solarium use for at least 3 months.

The followings happen after the treatment of teleangiectatic vessels by carbon dioxide laser
The pink color after the treatment is part of the normal healing and it usually resolves in 4 weeks spontaneously. The coagulation of teleangiectatic vessels by carbon dioxide laser is a safe process but you have to follow the written treatment process to prevent the side effects. The side effects are rare and they are the followings: pain, inflammation around the treated vessels. Unfortunately it happens that the coagulated vessels are not absorbed.

In some cases the treatment of teleangiectatic vessels by carbon dioxide laser is contraindicated
Unreal patient expectations, pregnancy, if the patient is reluctant to avoid sunbathing or solarium use.

Visit: 33 000 HUF

Treatment: we can give the price after the visit because their size and number show great variations