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Esthetic consultation

Esthetic consultation

The first thing of course is to listen to you about what is disturbing you and what kind of treatment you would like to have for it. During this time I observe the surface of his skin, his facial expressions, his gestures related to his problem (that is, how you feels about your problem).

In the meantime I will of course notice aesthetic problems that you have not noticed or are not disturbing for you, and I will bring them to your attention. I will give my opinion on whether I think your problem is realistic (of course it can not be) and whether the procedure you have in mind is suitable for its treatment. If you want an intervention that does not suit the character of your face or is not suitable for treating your problem, then I will tell you my opinion and I will not perform the requested intervention.


You can come to the consultation prepared. Even before the consultation you can find out on my website about the aesthetic interventions I perform.

After the consultation I will tell you what treatment options we have for the revealed problems.

In relation to the treatment options I will inform you about the following: how and with what it is performed, whether it requires anesthesia, how long it takes, how it works, what you will see after the treatment, how long it will take to develop its effect, possible complications, what you should do after the treatment, how and for how long it affects your everyday life, about the recommended lifestyle, whether it is necessary, possible and how often to repeat the treatment, as it is possible or necessary to combine the chosen treatment.

In the meantime you may also have questions and concerns to which you will receive answers.
Of course I will inform you about the price of each treatment before the treatment. In the case of wrinkle filling I cannot provide this in all cases. In this case I will give the price for the quantity expected to be needed.

Based on all of this, we will decide together what kind of treatment I will perform. This is followed by the signing of the declaration of consent containing the above, the handing over of detailed written information about the chosen treatment, and then the completion of the treatment.

The price of the consultation: 33 000 HUF