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Platina™ Medical Skin Therapy
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Platina™ medical skin therapy system

Welcome to the world of the Platina™ Medical Therapy System and we hope to be a part of your great journey!

The Skin Logistics Platina™ medical skin care product line and its treatment system were designed by two renowned cosmetologists. Peter Bjerring, an excellent professor of dermatology practicing in Denmark, and dr. Dianne Quibell, a cosmetic physician practicing in Boston. With their in-depth knowledge of skin rejuvenation, they have created a unique, platinum-rich matrix technology professional product line that delivers clinically proven, unparalleled results.

All products in the product range contain the proprietary Platina-Peptid™ matrix technology and other excellent ingredients. Known for its skin rejuvenating properties, platinum already has a biocidal effect in low concentrations. It protects carefully selected natural peptides and their associated components from enzymatic degradation. It enables their passage through the epidermal barrier. It provides greater bioavailability for the active ingredients. Once the complex reaches the dermis, the peptides are synthesized in the fibroblasts into collagen and other proteins that make up the extracellular matrix. In this way, the skin rejuvenation mechanisms are activated. All products are environmentally friendly, ethically sourced, pH-balanced, sulfate- and paraben-free. Systemic use of Platina™ products maximizes clinical benefits.

The Platina™ Medical Therapy System offers a new paradigm in professional, evidence-based therapeutic products.

  • Simple and easily transparent product range.
  • Pampering products for all skin types and ethnicities.
  • Platina™ products are safe to use even in case of skin diseases.
  • Medical support and/or application for personal protocol selection.
  • Medical support to monitor your progress, allowing you to gradually increase the dose based on your individual tolerance.

Professor Peter Bjerring worked at the Dermatology Department of Aarhus University Hospital in Denmark for 24 years. He was then appointed Medical Director and Head of Dermatology at Molholm Hospital, Denmark's largest independent private hospital, and Honorary Professor at Swansea University in Wales. Since 2019, he has been a clinical professor at the Department of Dermatology at Aalborg University Hospital. He published more than 250 scientific papers and gave more than 500 lectures at international congresses. His main area of interest is laser and IPL treatment. Professor Bjerring is a former vice-president of the European Society for Lasers in Dermatology (ESLD), the European Society for Laser Aesthetic Surgery (ESLAS), and a fellow of EADV, AAD and ASLMS.

Dr. Dianne Quibell is an internationally recognized aesthetic physician and internist. Coordinator of IMCAS (International Master Class of Aging Science), vice president of the American Board of Laser Surgery, member of the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery, clinical assistant professor at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Quibell has been lecturing at national and international congresses since 2001. His passion is educating his colleagues, he has trained more than 550 clinicians in aesthetic laser procedures, botox treatment, and the use of fillers. Committed to patient education before and after treatment.